Necessary work for real tangible change

Having gone through a hard time in my life this year, I knew that I needed to make major changes. Jackie's work was nothing short of magical! The transformations were deep and immediately felt.

Jackie gets straight to work, and notices everything! She was able to make sense out of my piles of clutter and make crucial connections that I never would have seen or noticed myself. She recreated my space so that I now feel safe and supported in it, where earlier all I could feel was "stuck" and "hopeless". Her affirmations give a sense of clarity and direction to any life situation.

Jackie has made it possible for me to prioritize again, to get to work and get my life back on track! This amount of motivation and clarity would not have been possible without her!

Thank you Jackie!   Tam      Brooklyn    New York

Jackie is not only a master declutterer and a Feng Shui pro, she is a human being who shines a light onto your space and your life.  I was going through a rough personal time when I met her.  Working with her to purge things that were taking up too much space in my home and therefore in my life, was so liberating.  I don't consider myself a hoarder like those ones on TV.  But I definitely held onto things that no longer served a purpose in my life. Getting rid of those things definitely helped me breathe a little easier and enjoy my space more.  But Jackie isn't someone who just wants you to throw everything in the garbage.  We actually repurposed items in my house and gave things away to goodwill and to the homeless and we recycled things too! I had a wonderful overall experience and plan to use her for her brilliant decorating ideas too going forward, as i renovate a part of my home.  She is efficient and affordable and funny as hell too!  Jacke rocks!!

Anthoula  Queens New York

"I hate change! Jackie helped me see that when you let go of things you don't need you free up your hands to pick up new opportunities. Change isn't always bad. She pointed out how the energy in my space was stagnate. With her keen eye and amazing taste level she helped me change my space and in just days new and fun prospects began to present themselves!"
Argy, Queens, New York

My consultation with Jackie absolutely blew me away.  I was living in a roommate situation with friends which was temporary but never pressured.  I knew I wanted to find my own place, I felt it was that time for me but finding exactly what you wish for in New York City is like finding a needle in a haystack. I was also feeling blocked because the apartment was not mine and I could not make changes everywhere.

When Jackie came she informed me that the energy was stagnant, So we worked on changing my room.  Jackie asked if i felt ok with her performing a blessing. "Sure I said lets do what ever we can in my room." We then made some changes

by moving certain objects to the command position.  Next she asked me to write 3 intention which she helped me compose and we placed them in the appropriate area.

To my complete shock within one week my first intention manifested, that was to find a 2 bedroom apartment.  but that was not everything within a couple of days the other 2 intentions also manifested.  I have never had anything like this happen to me before.

I have now moved into my new apartment and will have Jackie come to Feng Shui this new place.

I highly recommend Jackie to anyone looking to make changes and believing that they will happen.

Adrienne Harlem NYC

"I called Jackie to help with Feng Shui'ing my apartment, and it was amazing, I wanted to communicate with my son, and the second I placed the appropriate item the moment we made the 'cure',  something happened, the intention was set.  Also being a multi talented type of guy I needed some organizing, that's when her expert styling background came in handy. I highly recommend Jackie for balancing, setting intention, and organizing your apartment, home or office with taste."

Gratefully - Rick - Stuyvesant Town NYC

"Have you ever met someone who makes you look at life in a new and inspiring way? Jackie did that for me. My consultation was so informative I did not want it to end, thank you for opening my eyes."

Lawrence - Harlem NYC

"I was looking to make a shift in my life, and go back into the workplace full time. I had been meditating clearing and cleansing mentally, physically and emotionally. The last part of this journey was to examine our space and complete the process of preparing for the next phase of our lives. I turned to Jackie to Feng Shui my space! She came to our place, looked around, we spoke about the areas of life that needed a reboot. She listen and didn't judge. After reviewing everything and making a diagram, she discussed the problem areas and suggested her solutions. If a solution was difficult to create or I didn't want to make the change for what ever reason, she suggested additional solutions, until we made a plan that would work. Jackie really cares, works with and is efficient! Since the Feng Shui of our space there have been positive changes and shifts in new directions occurring and continuing today. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone brave enough to manifest what they want in their life!"

Shelly - West Village NY

“My consultation with Jackie was so helpful and knowledgeable for me. Feng Shui can be very confusing at times but Jackie helped me understand what I was about to embark on.  She gave me different options for cures I was not feeling comfortable with.  My home now feels like my sanctuary were I love spending my time.  Thank you.”

Deborah Stuyvesant Town. NY

“My partner and I have been feeling stuck in are lives.  Things were not really moving.  Our lives felt like they were motionless.  Career, Health, Finance everything just motionless.  After Jackie did a space clearing and a Feng Shui consultation, a friend happened to stop by he immediately commented that the energy of our home felt completely different "Lighter".  We are currently working on the changes Jackie suggested putting everything into perspective so we can have that wonderful journey through life together. “

Pat & Rich. East Village. NY

“If you don't know about Feng Shui I highly recommend that you just take a peek!!!!!   Jackie had suggested some cures to me some time ago but I was skeptical.  After my friend made some changes and things started happening I decided "What do I have to loose".  My life has changed completely over the past 18 months. Jackie's knowledge and nonjudgmental approach has made me a believer.  I highly recommend her.”

TJ Montoya.  Upstate, NY